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PC & Laptop Repair done by Computer Nerds locally!

We fix any electronic device, not just computers!  Our electronic engineers are skilled in advanced troubleshooting and repair methods – they have replaced or refurbished just about every kind of electronic component on the market!

Internal Hardware Support

Texas I.T. Nerds actually repairs or replaces internal components that are non-functional, allowing you to save money and extend the life cycle of your devices.  We often repair charging ports, capacitors, resistors, bad solder joints, corrupted IC and flash chips, and other components that are built-in to the logic boards of electronics.

Smartphone Repair

Many of our technicians previously worked for Apple or other major repair centers.  If you have an issue with your phone or iPad, you should know that we have extensive knowledge in liquid damage repair, photo recovery, LCD & digitizer replacement, charging problems, and many other common issues found in communication devices.

Application Support

 Software applications are pretty much installed on all devices – it’s the logic that makes all that hardware function as intended.  We are regularly called to diagnose critical applications that have become corrupt, slow, broken, or abnormal.  We support most programs, inc;luding Outlook, Exchange, Quickbooks, Drake Tax Software, and Webconnect.

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Accidentally delete some files and need them back? Has your computer or laptop hard drive crashed? We have an excellent recovery record, and use some of the most advanced non-destructive data recovery methods in the industry! Time is critical – If you need to recover data, shut down the device (DO NOT INSTALL OR SAVE ANY NEW FILES!) and give us a call!

Local Data Redundancy

Secure your data against data disasters! We setup automated, real time complete and incremental system backups, complete with system images for bare-bone restores.

Secure Managed Backups

It’s always good to have a backup, and best practice would be to have regularly scheduled automated backups to an offsite location such as your corporate office or in the cloud.  We offer flexible managed backup plans that safeguards your data!

Data Recovery

Data loss can impact everyone!  When you’re needing data recovery, always ensure your chosen company has what’s called a clean room – Clean rooms are standard for those which assemble and service hard disk drives.  We have a government grade lab and use best-practice forensic techniques to recover data!

Network & Connectivity

It’s arguably the most important part of your infrastructure. Without it, nothing communicates! We know communication is key, and we’ve taken the time to ensure the integrity and intimacy it requires to make it all work – FAST! CCSK and CCSP certified engineers make sure your network is up to date, secure, reliable, and scalable.

VPN Solutions

Texas I.T. Nerds can install, configure, secure, troubleshoot, & repair your personal or corporate virtual private network.  Common issues include connection problems, slow speeds, and inability to access other resources on the LAN from the VPN client.

Network Consultation & Diagnostics

Having connectivity issues? Slow bandwidth or bad latency issues?  We have Cisco, Network+, Security+, CCSK, and CCSP network engineers ready to solve your issues! We take our time and ensure that your network is as reliable as you are by optimizing your network configurations and shaping traffic specifically for your needs.

Security Audit & Penetration Testing

Our network engineers are certified ethical hackers that learned their skill in the armed forces!  With data breaches becoming more and more prevalent, it’s important that you test the security of your network, servers, and devices before the bad guys do!  Are you sure your data isn’t looking like ripe, low hanging fruit?

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair


Virus and Spyware Removal

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Network Design

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

We Fix The Problem So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our technicians hold advanced degrees in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering! You can be assured that we are the most experienced professionals to rely on.

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What People Are Saying

James installed my cameras for me and even HPD commented and said they wished all businesses had the clarity of my cameras. He is the real deal! Texas IT Nerds also setup, secured, and configured my server and router! Highly recommended and best prices in town!

Tony Williams - Google Reviews

Definitivamente ellos son bien buenos para hacer el trabajo. Tuve un problema con la computadora y no me prendia ellos me lo arreglarón sin problemas. Gracias al señor Jaime.

Joey Maldonado - Facebook Reviews


esta es una gran compañía de vecindario, son locales y responden rápidamente, he llamado a los Texas IT Nerds varias veces y siempre aparecen de inmediato. la mejor parte es lo amigables que son y te informan sobre lo que sucede mientras solucionan el problema

Arturo Pinales - Facebook Reviews

James is an excellent technician for full stack network systems and systems architecture. He’s maintained servers and hosting for my corporation for years, Mirlok Studios. Highly recommend him.

John Donalson - Facebook Reviews

Si estas buscando un técnico James es el mejor!! Los mejores precios alrededor y soluciona el problema rápido, Altamente recomendable!!

Daria Centillo - Facebook Reviews

I’ve had my fair share of connection issues with trash routers, bad computers, even obstruction related problems. Texas IT Nerds has has the solution for each and every issue I’ve thrown their way. I’m cautious of who i trust my personal data with,but these guys really impress great job keep up the outstanding work.

Robin Dellis - Google Reviews

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