Here's some of the things we take care of - This list is not complete - We offer TONS of other services!


VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol.  It allows you to use the same number you've always used, but over the internet, eliminating high prices on telephone and fax services!  Texas IT Nerds offers managed VoIP services using your high speed internet! Auto attendant? Voicemail? Receive office calls on cell phone? We do I.T.!


The backbone of the entire infrastructure.  Without it,  nothing communicates!  We know communication is key, and we've taken the time to ensure the integrity and intimacy it requires to make it all work - QUICKLY. CCSK and CCSP certified engineers make sure your network is up to date, secure, and scalable. CLOUD COMPUTING SIMPLIFIED!


Security Cameras

Security and reconnaissance technology has come a long way economically, and we offer camera and security features that have been recommended by the Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff's Department.  We offer the highest quality security cameras at budget prices. Our cameras are 2.5 times better than 1080p!


Our technicians are extremely familiar with Unix, Linux, Apache, Windows Server (all variants), Exchange, FTP, SQL, Oracle, and many other platforms that run some of today's critical operations.  If you're having issues, make sure to give us a call - We are YOUR I.T. Nerd!

Virus Removal

Viruses and malware can use a tremendous amount of resources.  We know how to remove and prevent even the worst infections - Ransomware? Spyware? Viruses? Adware? Pop Ups? We can handle IT!   Do you know about cryptocurrency mining malware?


Data Recovery

Data loss can impact everyone!  When you're needing data recovery, always ensure your chosen company has what's called a clean room - Clean rooms are standard for those which assemble and service hard disk drives.  We have a government grade lab and use best-practice forensic techniques to recover data!

Boxed Solutions

New businesses often struggle with start up costs, but we've been there.  As an I.T Company and service provider, we understand how to minimize overhead costs!  We can provide a complete "Business in a Box" solution!  We can run your cables, bring your computers, setup your network, configure your printers, install your cameras, and even help you get your local licenses - all for ONE low cost!

Deep Learning - AI

Texas IT Nerds has helped the metal recycling industry and law enforcement by developing industry-specific artificial intelligence.  Texas IT Nerds has helped save BILLIONS of dollars in nationwide theft and asset losses by combating theft. We started implementing unique algorithms used by LeadsOnline, DPS, DMV and other agencies. FACT:  Every pawn shop in Texas, and every GameStop in the USA uses LeadsOnline - It's the law.

Targeted Solutions

We ALWAYS have YOU in mind. No matter the reason for inquiring, Texas IT Nerds has a solution for YOU!  We aren't the smartest around, and we don't know all the answers -  but you can be be assured that we will help!  We aren't afraid of being honest, and we didn't get here by being shy!  If Texas IT Nerds can't fix it, in all honesty, it's *probably* cheaper for a new resolution.   We'll give you the best advice - no profit intended!

Rural Internet

The second largest state in the United States, by both the area and population, Texas is bigger than you'd think, and FAST wifi service is hard to find in the areas not serviced by normal ISPs.. WE PROVIDE TRULY UNLIMITED prepaid internet with NO CONTRACT.  We have helped THOUSANDS get a reliable, fast connection while on the go.  If you're looking to get rid of insanely high prices for internet, we can help!

Prepaid Internet // DONE RIGHT.


We design, secure, market, and update ALL websites and social media platforms - as a cornerstone in Houstonian businesses, we've literally  made dreams come true.  Texas IT Nerds has been trusted time and time again to provide the highest SEO and politically correct online presences. Always Secure. Always online. Always Reliable. Texas I.T. Nerds is here for you!

Prepaid Cable TV

Everyone knows cable TV is expensive!  We give the industry a run for their money by offering all channels through the Internet! $50 bucks a month. PPV INCLUDED!  Completely legal technology!

No Contracts.  All channels. All Sports channels. All Pay per view events.  Everything  you want. No matter where you are.  NO MORE LIMITS!



Texas IT Nerds knows how to make your process faster, more efficient, and secure.  It can't be fixed if the right people don't know it's broken.  If you have an idea that makes your life easier, we can make I.T. happen!


Introduce Yourself!

We enjoy meeting new people, and genuinely want to see you.  Come by the office, or give us a call - We wouldn't be here without you!