Tired of managing your network & devices?

We manage your entire IT infrastructure so you don’t have to. Think about that for a moment. What else could you be doing? What is the opportunity and cost to your business when I.T. is neglected or worse? Managing IT requires expertise and an attention to detail. It’s more than a profession or skill, it’s a practice.

  • Texas IT Nerds Marathon

    Our proactive monitoring and maintenance solution provides comprehensive management, preventative problem resolution, security patch and software update implementation, and a 24/7 help desk

  • Texas IT Nerds Guardian

    Our data backup and disaster recovery solution protects your business with encrypted off-site storage, archival and discovery options, and system virtualization in case of disaster

  • Texas IT Nerds Secure

    Our layered cybersecurity solution offers a Security Operations Center, network traffic analysis, security event tracking, and support for HIPAA, DSS PCI, Sarbanes Oxley, and DFARs regulation

What Makes us Different?

We are part of a North-American system with local solutions. If you have a multi-location business or employees that travel, we typically have a local office within 45 minutes of your location. Our office can support you no matter where you are located. Iff we need to make a “house call”, we have a Texas IT Nerds engineer wherever you are.

The IT Nerds Promise

Ask your Texas IT Nerds team about our ULTRA service offer. We offer the ULTRA service level to those that value predictable fees. With our ULTRA program, we’re able to minimize your risk by offering unlimited remote and on-site technical support for the systems under contract. ULTRA service is the ultimate in Managed IT Services, as it minimizes unplanned expenses for our clients. We love it too, because with ULTRA, you won’t hesitate to contact us if you think you have a problem. We’re able to nip issues in the bud before they impact your business. ULTRA service is a win-win for everyone.

IT services & solutions.

We are commited to providing you with a reliable and robust technology platform to support your business goals.